Maggie’s Kitchen Antics

Today we came home early for lunch and discovered some things awry in the kitchen/Maggie’s room.  “Somebody” managed to lift the lid off the garbage can and push the baby gate about three inches from the wall.  Given no burglars that we know of got into the house, and no leprechauns or other small elfin-like creatures live with us, we must only presume this is the work of Maggie.

Which then leads us to Maggie’s other kitchen antics.  About a week ago, nate caught her pushing a chair with wheels across the floor and toward the table.  We think this is how she gets up on the table to search for food and how she managed to eat a box of chocolate covered cranberries and Subway chocolate-chocolate chip cookie. (All of which she later puked up, thankfully saving her life and a trip to the vet, but requiring extensive cleaning and the purchase of a new rug, floor mat and doggie bed.)

Now I must ask myself — what else does this 15 pound pug do that we don’t know about?  When nate can’t figure out why his beer ran out so fast, did she managed to open the fridge and down a few during the afternoon?  Does she sit on the couch and chug Miller Lite and watch Days of Our Lives at 12:30pm?  It would explain why she’s so tired when we get home and that unexplained twinkle in her eye.

I’m not sure why we would think she can get away with such things, or why she thinks she can.  Maybe it’s that we treat her like a person.  Nah… that can’t be it.


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