TEDxSiouxFalls: My Story of Selfspiration

Thanks to TEDxSiouxFalls for allowing me to share my story (and to Hugh and Nate for believing that there’s power in talking about what makes people uncomfortable).


4 thoughts on “TEDxSiouxFalls: My Story of Selfspiration

  1. I know your story.. I lived it to.. I wish I didnt read your story in the newspaper today while I was at work. I hate sex.. It is dirty to me. It is a duty nothing to enjoy. No one seems to understand..

  2. Jolene – Read the story and saw the video and am so happy that you displayed the courage that you have shown in confronting your attacker and telling your story. I’ve never confronted my attacker, but have told my story numerous times over the years and I applaud those who have been through the hell we have experienced and been courageous enough to realize that the power is within them to overcome this horrible experience.

    • Mike – thank you so much for watching and sharing your experience. Getting our power back is the most important thing we can do to help ourselves and others!

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