Selfspiration: The Call of Strength

It happens at all hours. Early morning, before the sun rises, midday during the lunch hour rush, evening as the streets start to slow down and then at the lonely hours, when the world seems as unpopulated as the dark room around you and your own breath or tears become the only sound to break a deafening silence in the room around you and in your soul. With each call, text, email or PM, a message of support, strength or shared struggle. I am so stunned by how many people reached out the last few days to say they care, they know, they understand the journey. For me, it puts a face to statistics so many so often think could not be true, but the truth sits as real as the names and faces on the screen before me. I am so grateful for each word of encourage, each person who tells about their journey no matter where in that process they may be and for those that share my story. We do not go through this alone, strength exists in numbers, even if you don’t know the number or name that stands beside you at the store, at church, at home.

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