Selfspiration: Let Go Let Peace In

While I lived my own story and took my own journey, so many others understand that experience. Society tends to send the idea (and perpetuate a stigma) that adult survivors of child sexual assault must somehow be broken, messed up or not right (and to be honest, more than once through my path I told myself and even my husband that people must not like me because I’m screwed up). We cannot change the reality of what happened to us, but we can take power to change our future, our actions and the image that’s presented of survivors. As we speak and share our story, we can show that success, happiness and being whole can be achieved (not easily, but it can happen). I am honored that the Let Go Let Peace Come In Foundation shared my story on its website. LGLPCI works to share the stories of child sexual abuse survivors and in a unique project, asks survivors when they feel ready, to share a photo and their story. I am proud to be submitting my photo and story so as survivors we can see that we do not stand alone and the darkness we felt can be overpowered by the light of empowerment and supporting each other.

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