Selfspiration: Images of Courage

We pass so many people each day, friends, family and strangers, that share our story. But we don’t know that we share that journey, stories of struggle, strength, survival. As one friend wrote, “How can we know the pain that so often lies behind the tender eyes of those we meet each day? … How many people do we pass by every day and don’t comprehend that they are the walking wounded?” But knowing we do not walk alone can give us the strength to put one foot ahead of the other. Let Go… Let Peace Come In Foundation uses photos to tell the story of survivors, with people sharing pictures and a few sentences or a few paragraphs about their experience. As LGLPCI describes itself:

We started this foundation, Let Go…Let Peace Come In with the hope of helping adult survivors find the healing and support necessary to begin their journey to recovery. … Survivors of childhood sexual abuse have universally one thing in common; they were controlled and manipulated by their abusers and unwillingly driven to a point of shame and fear. It is our goal to show those who have been exploited and those who love them, that there is a path to recovery and it begins with telling your story.

It’s incredible to see the faces of so many that know the pain and the power of surviving. My photo recently posted. I selected a picture of myself speaking at TEDxSiouxFalls with my school picture behind me. When I see that image, I see my past, what I left behind and what I lost when I didn’t even realize what I owned. I see the teenage girl putting on a smile, trying to be the perfect person so nobody knows or suspects the pain behind the smile. At the same time, I see myself as the woman I am. The empowered adult who found her voice, who mourned her lost innocence with a decision to fight for others. Survivors, I encourage you to check out the LGLPCI website and share your story. If you don’t feel ready to post a photo, they provide options or you can just look through what others shared to know you’re not alone.

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