“My Father’s Blood” by Amy Krout-Horn

I always remember growing up time around the dinner table at my grandparents. While most of those memories center around too much food from Gramp and Gram’s huge garden, sneaking Little Debbie Swiss Cake rolls from the pantry and of course lots of laughter, after the dishes left the table, Gram set something else on there – her glucose meter. A type 2 diabetic since age 36, it became as much part of our lives as hers. We would be fascinated and freaked out when we watched her stealthly stab her tummy every day for her insulin injections.

Those memories of diabetes impacting a family’s life came back this spring when JDRF asked if I would read and review “My Father’s Blood” by Amy Krout-Horn. Amy, originally from South Dakota, chronicles her journey with type 1 diabetes as it takes her from the typical memories of chilldhood to learning to live without her sight. It’s a incredible journey that shows strength, courage and determination in the face of a disease that takes so much from families.

You can catch Amy on KSOO’s View Point University September 1, 2011 at 4:15pm. And order her book now at Amazon.


2 thoughts on ““My Father’s Blood” by Amy Krout-Horn

  1. Amy, I got a chance to read your book finally. Your words, we grew up together…and they soothed my soul today. Took Nissa and Lisa to the fens a month ago. What is it about the “West End of that lake”? Would love to hear from you, lovely Ames. Kisses and hope you are well. Pete.

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