Inter-galatic World Premiere of “Gamechanger”

This week we celebrated the release of Toby Kane’s new album The Heart Machine with the unveiling of his music video “Gamechanger.” While I focused on PR for the project, I did get to help with the reflector (not as easy as you think to catch sunlight on a huge, floppy gold disc of fabric) during the shoot. Along with being Toby’s first music video, it’s also a first for Mud Mile and Nate! We learned a lot, to say the least!

Thanks to über-talented Chris Sandvig, Karah Linn, Rebecca Culhane (check out her album North of Normal, too!) and Brian Wolff for all their help, too!

You can catch Toby’s interview about “Gamechanger” on KDLT or read the feature in the Argus Leader where he talks about his inspiration for the album. And don’t forget to buy the album on iTunes before August 31, with 20-percent of proceeds benefiting the South Dakota’s chapter of the American Heart Association.


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