Selfspiration: One Step… But a Journey Ahead

Stilettos may not always be the easiest to walk in, especially when the road ahead can be rocky, rough and unsure. Today, in my five-inch heels, I teetered into a hearing room to testify for South Dakota Senate Bill 68, introduced by my friend and former co-worker, Sen. Mark Johnston. Shaking in my shoes (at least on the inside) would be fair, and some trembling on the outside, I told my story to the seven members of the committee. It gets easier, but it will never be easy, to go back to that time and talk about the dark days of the journey to heal. The Compass Center spoke as well as several other organizations, including the Attorney General’s office, to show support for making changes to help victims become survivors. Two amendments added to the bill mean the statute of limitations remains for incapacitation and statuary rape. I don’t like the amendments, but I believe it allows us to make progress, maybe not as much as I would like today, but it will help others.
SB68 may not allow me to find justice in a courtroom for my case, but I know it will help others. And I believe it brings us one step closer to eliminating statutes of limitations that harm so many and prevent survivors from step forward with their lives, in worn and weathered boots, top of the line tennis shoes or five-inch heels.

Video from today’s testimony:

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